Polar M400 GPS Watch Review

The Polar M400 GPS Watch is a solid running device that will help you keep track of your day to day activity as well as track your runs. It might not be the prettiest tracker around but it will get the job done and give you the information you need to keep up with a healthier lifestyle.


Overview Of The Polar M400 Gps Smart Sport Watch

The Features:

  • Integrated GPS

  • 24/7 Activity tracker

  • running index

  • training Guidance

  • High-resolution and high-contrast display

  • Water-resistant to 100 ft

  • Set targets to beat your personal best

  • Customized sport profiles

What I Like About Polar M400 Gps Watch

Integrated GPS

With built-in GPS the Polar M400 watch will track your speed distance and altitude to give you the most accurate reading of your runs. It will also keep track of your personal best and tell you when you have set a new personal record.

24/7 activity

Keeping fit means staying active and you need something to keep a record of how active you are. The Polar M400 does just that by tracking your steps, calories and sleep time. It also will tell you when you are not moving much for long periods of time.

Running index

After every run the Polar M400 will give you a run index score. This is based on your heart rate and speed data. The speed data is collected by the built-in GPS however you will need the polar H7 sensor

or compatible heart rate monitor. (There are Polar M400 watch Plus H7 sensor Sets)

Finding out how well you are doing or how you could improve is always motivating to keep pushing forward and staying as healthy as possible.

Training Guidance

When you have the H7 sensor with the Polar M400 watch you get a fitness tracker that will help you stay in your target heart rate zone and train at the right intensity. This means that you can get more out of your workout, which means you get better faster.

What I Don’t Like About Polar M400 Gps Watch

Slow to sync

In today’s environment everything is fast pace and everything we use need to keep up so when something is taking 30 seconds to a minute for it to do what it need to for syncing it can feel like a lifetime has past.

Who Will Get The Most Out Of The Smart Watch

This is a good watch for your average runner with that it can track your activity and log your runs. However if you are looking for something which is better looking or has more apps to help you progress further then a Garmin might be a better fit.

Polar M400 GPS WatchWhere To Buy Polar M400 Gps Watch

Prices vary from shop to shop but I normally find that Amazon is cheapest or quickest to get items. Here is no expectation where you can buy the Polar M400 GPS Watch with heart rate monitor cheap than if you buy the watch by itself. This is of course at time of writing and could change any time but why not check for yourself.

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