Mpow Fitness Tracker Review

The Mpow fitness tracker is an all-in-one heart rate monitors, activity tracker and sleep tracker bundled up in a bracelet. In this review I will go over the features of the product, what is good about the fitness bracelet and what is bad about the fitness bracelet.

Overview of Mpow fitness tracker

The Mpow fitness tracker is a cheaper alternative to the more expensive brands in the fitness tracking industry.

It tracks a hole lot of things and it should do this automatically with out any assistant from you.

All the Features of the Mpow fitness tracker are:

  • Heart rate monitorMpow fitness bracelet

  • Step counter

  • Alarm Alert

  • Distance counter

  • Calorie counter

  • Anti lost

  • Find Phone

  • Remote Control phone camera

  • sedentary alert

  • Sleep quality monitor

  • Bluetooth Data sync

  • Call/SMS/SNS alert

What I like about Mpow fitness tracker

Heart rate monitorHeart rate monitor fitness

When it comes to fitness you need to know what your heart is doing. Pushing your self to hard for to long will wear you out and if you don’t work out hard enough you wouldn’t see any benefits.

Monitoring your heart rate will allow to to see how hard you are pushing yourself and it will help you get into the right heart rate zone for your workout.

So having something that will monitors your heart rate all the time is a great benefit. Because when it comes to fitness every beat counts.

Tracking all day to day activity

In this day and age job where we sit all day are very common.

So every bit of activity counts.

The Mpow tracker counts every activity you do weather you are out for a morning jog or just getting up out of your work chair to get a drink.

It also has a Sedentary Alert which will vibrate when you have been sitting down to long.

Sleep quality monitorSleep Tracking

If you wear your fitness tracker to bed it can track you sleep. It will divide you sleep into Deep Sleep, Shallow Sleep and Waking sleep.

It will give you a report of how many hours of sleep you had in each sleep cycle. This is great information to know as you can find out how well you have slept. Then you can see what affects you sleep and remove it from you night time schedule. It will take some trail and error but eventually you will be having quality sleep.

Anti lost phone

If you enable the anti lost function then when you are out of range of your mobile which is around 5m then it will vibrate to alert you

What I don’t like about the Mpow tracker

Instructions are Complicated

The instructions are complicated and you have to read it a few time to understand the different modes and when the bracelet will record your activities

The charging cable

It is a USB lead with a plug that connects to the back of the tracker it is a bit thin and could break within the first year.

Who will get the most out of the fitness tracker

This is a great tracker for any number of people:

So if you want to track you day to day activities then this is a cost effective way to do it.

If you need something to monitor you sleeping pattern because you want to figure out how to get better sleep this can help

Or you want something that can track your long walks or your runs giving you you steps, distance and calorie burn, this can help you there.

There are lot of ways and situations that this fitness track can help you in tracking your health the only one activity that if definitely can’t do is swimming as it is not water proof.

How Much Does It Cost

This is a a very cost effective tracker. The Mpow fitness tracker can cost anywhere from £20 up to £40. The price also chances depending on what colour you chose. Amazon is usually the cheapish and last time I checked it was a part of Prime.

So Click Here To Find Out If Amazon Is The Cheapest.

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