Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity Tracker Review

Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity TrackerAre you looking for a tracker that you don’t need to charge every few days?

Want something that can track your everyday activities?

The Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity Tracker might be the fitness tracker for you. With its features like a 1 year battery life so you never need to charge it up, and it Garmin Move IQ so that it tracks your all day movement and learns your fitness level so that it can provide you will goals suited to your individual needs.

In this review I am going to go over the features of the tracker, tell you what I like about it and what I don’t like. Lets have a look at what the tracker has to offer:

Overview of the product


Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity TrackerThe Features:

  • Sets a personalised daily goal and Garmin Move IQ motion detector automatically records your daily activities for later review and analysis on Garmin Connect

  • Shows steps, calories, distance, intensity minutes, time, date, monitors sleep, activity timer

  • Reminds you to stay active with move bar and audible alert

  • Backlit display and 1 year plus battery life, water resistant

  • Automatically syncs with Garmin Connect app to save, plan and share progress

  • Display size: 10 x 10 mm

  • Compatible with iOS and Android (version 4.3 and onwards), PC and Mac


What I like about vivofit 3


Moves your milestones

The vivofit 3 consistanly monitors your activity level and gives you goals to work towards. And as you complete them it will then give you a bigger goal to achieve tomorrow. This constant movement of your goals will help you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Wear It 24/7! No need to take it off for a year!

The Garmin vivofit 3 allows you to track your fitness all day every day. It even gives you insights into your sleeping habits and it is water proof so you can take it into a swimming pool. It does this because you never need to take it off due to the battery last for up to a year.

Garmin vivofit 3 Jonathan Adler Accessory BandInterchangeable accessory bands

Having a activity tracker that you can wear all the time is unless if it doesn’t blend in with what you are wear. Luckily you can get lots of different colours and styles Garmin interchangeable accessory bands and some that are designed by Jonathan Adler.

Insights from Garmin Connect

With Garmin connect it will learn your activity then give you insights into how you could improve. It also gives you cue to keep you on track for your goals so that you can meet you milestones each day. And when you meet your milestones it will give you a shout out to let you know.

What I dont like about the vivofit 3


No GPS, heart rate monitor or altimeter

With this tracker you don’t get GPS, heart rate monitor or an altimeter. That means you can’t track the route you take on your runs. You can’t track your heart rate when you are exercising and no altimeter means you don’t get any stair climbed stats. But taking these features out is why the tracker is cheaper.

Who will get the most out of the Tracker

walking and running

The Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity Tracker is for those people who want a reliable way to track there everyday movement. It is also good if you are just starting out to do more exercise and dont want to spend to much on tracking at this stage.

However if you are looking to do more running then other exercise you might want to look for a track that has GPS and heart rate features so that you can get the most out of your runs.

Where to buy vivofit 3

You can get the garmin vivofit 3 from a lot of places.

At time of writing Argos was the cheapest to go out and buy it directly but I found it cheaper on Amazon and it was in the prime so if you have prime you can get it next day with no extra shipping charges but again this is at time of wrting.

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