Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Wristband Review

Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness WristbandAre You Ok To compromise?

That is what Fitbit did when they designed the Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Wristband.

They made it slim, customisable and water proof!

What they left out was a heart rate monitor and a screen.

So if you are ok with not tracking your heart rate and needing to look at you smartphone to see all your fitness data then lets have a look at what the flex 2 can do for you.


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Overview Of The Product

The Flex 2 is a customisable fitness tracker.

Its about putting the user in charge of how they want to wear it.

It is also water proof so that you don’t need to take it off unless it needs charging.

The Main Features are:

  • Track steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, and hourly activity

  • Wear it in the shower, ocean or pool

  • Removable tracker by hiding it inside wristband, bangle and pendant

  • Automatically track how long and how well you sleep

  • Get call and text notifications with unique vibration patterns

  • Reminder to Move


What I Like About Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2 FitnessAll Day Tracking

The Flex 2 fitness tracker will track everything you do. So if you go for a walk, a swim, run or jog it is right there on your wrist tracking every step in every mile. When you log onto the app it will give you all the normal information like steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and how long you have been still.

Move Reminder

We are all guilty of not moving as much as we should. Weather its because of our job where we are sitting down at a computer all day, or when we get home, we sit down and watch TV. The Fitbit flex has a build in reminder to help us make the most out of movement. It will encourage you to move 250 steps every hour by sending reminders to you in the form of two white lights, and a vibration

Water Proof

You never have to worry about your swim day any more. The Flex 2 will automatically track your swimming and deliver you results straight to the fitbit app. That mean that you can go swimming in a pool or kayaking on a lake with no worries about your fitness tracker.

Different Ways to Wear it

You can wear you flex 2 in different ways. It can be a wristband for your everyday use or when you are working out. You can get a special bangle to put it in to make it stand out and look stylish. Or you can a get a pendent to place it in so you can track you steps distance and calories burned all day long.

Sleep TrackingSleep Tracking

You can automatically track your sleep with this fitness tracker. You can set sleep goals and bedtime reminders so that you can form good sleeping habits. The fitbit will tell you how long you have slept and how well you have slept.

This is good information to know as getting a good night sleep is just as important to our health as eating our veggies. IF something is disturbing our sleep then we need to know about it so that we can put it right.

Staying Connected

Everyone has a mobile phone these days and can’t stop checking to see if we have a message or an email. Fitbit know this and has put a call and text notification on the flex 2. When you receive a call or text the flex 2 will vibrate and light up based on what it is.

What I Don’t Like About Fitbit Flex 2

Doesn’t have a screen

If doesn’t have a screen so you can’t see your progress like you normally would unless you have your smartphone with you and keep syncing it. One issue is that when you haven’t moved in the first 50 minutes the flex 2 will tell you with the light and vibrate. So you need to get up and do your 250 steps. IF you don’t have your smartphone you will have no idea if you have done them or not.

Possible problems tracking exercise

As there is no screen there is no way for you to start and stop your work outs. You are left entirely at the mercy of the auto tracking feature. Fitbit are good at making fitness tracker but to be safe, if you could check it against another tracker doing the same workout. If you get a faulty tracker if could under report you workouts. Fitbit does offer a 45 day return policy

Where to buy The Flex 2

You can buy the fitbit flex 2 Fitness Wristband directly from fitbit.

At time of writing they are charging £69.99

However if you check out Amazon they were a little bit cheaper.

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