FitBit Alta HR Fitness Wristband Review

Everyone wants a fitness tracker for different reason and the FitBit Alta HR Fitness Wristband will suit some but not all. So if you are looking for an all day fitness tracker that can monitor your sleep at night and your heart rate all through the day, then lets dive in and see what the Fitbit Alta Hr Wristband can do for you.



Overview of the Alta Hr Wristband

The Features:

  • Sleep stage tracking
  • Long Battery life
  • All day heart rate monitoring
  • Auto-tracks exercise
  • Call Texts and calender Alerts
  • Reminders to move
  • Interchangeable Bands

What I like about FitBit Alta HR Fitness Wristband

There are lots of features in the Alta Hr wristband but I’ve talked about some of the main features that I think you would like to know about.

The Essentials

The Fitbit Alta Hr comes with all the normal bells and whistles. It can track your steps, distance and calories burned. It has up to 7 Days worth of battery, a clock and you can see the interface by taping it. So that means that it is an all day and night tracker which will give you an overall picture of your health.

Heart Health MattersHeart Health Matters

If you are working your heart to hard it could be damaging to your health and at the same time if you aren’t working hard enough you don’t get the most out of your workouts. If you want to keep improving your fitness you need to monitor your heart rate.

The Alta HR fitness Wristband does just that. By monitoring your heart rate all day it can give you a more accurate reading when it comes to how many calories you are burning throughout the day. If you are working out it can give you heart rate zones to working in so that you get the most out of every workout.

Automatically Track Your Exercise

Fitbit has designed something called SmartTrack which the Alta Hr using to auto-detect your workout. That’s weather you are out for a run or using an elliptical trainer it will detect it, record it and then log it on the fitbit app.

Sleep Tracking with sleep stages

With the Alta Hr tracking your heart rate all the time it can tell how well you have slept through the night. It does this using your heart rate and will tell you how much time you spent in light, deep and REM sleep. This is useful to understand your sleeping pattern and adjust your rotinue so get better sleep.

What I don’t like about FitBit Alta HR Fitness Wristband


There is no GPS tracking so that when you go out for a walk you don’t get accurate distance traveled

FitBit Alta HR Fitness WristbandWho will get the most out of the Fitness Tracker

If you are looking for an all day tracker that can give you an overall picture of your health from day to day then this is a good choice for you. However if you are a move active exerciser than you might want to consider a tracker that you can select which activity you do as well as a GPS track for more accurate results in your activities.

Where to buy the Alta Hr Wristband

There are lots of different places where you can buy the Alta Hr wristband but I usually find that Amazon are the cheapest. At the moment there are different colours you can buy and some are cheaper than others.

Buy Fitbit Alta Hr Fitness Wristband At

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