10 Of The Best Fitness Trackers For 2017

best fitness trackersDo you want to get fit in 2017 and beyond?

In today’s fast pace world, with our one day deliveries, our fast food restaurants and our hectic lifestyles it can seem a daunting task to try and keep track of your fitness. It could leave you thinking;

Did I go to the Gym this week or was that last week?

Having a fitness track can help keep your fitness goals on track as every minute of every day counts weather you are walking up a flight of stairs to your office or walking to your car in the car park everything counts in today’s world.

There is a fitness tracker for anyone, I have pulled together what I think is 10 of the best trackers out there. This is not an exclusive list there are more out there it just depends on what you are looking for.


#1 Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Wristband

Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Wristband

Track Your Swimming Workout effortlessly

With the fitbit Flex 2 you can track your swimming workout effortlessly and get an exercise summary straight into the fitbit app. So you don’t have to worry about getting it wet.

Wear it However you want

You can wear the flex 2 however you want weather you want a wristband, bangle or in a pendent. The flex 2 puts you in control of how you track your every day fitness. This means you have more flexibility when it comes to your outfits.

Track Everything

With the flex it will track everything you do automatically. So if you go for a run it will track, play sports or do an aerobic workout it will track that to. It will also give you your steps you have taken, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes, hourly activity and the time you have been stationary.

Track Your Sleep For Better ZZZZZ

Automatically track your sleep so you can find out what you are doing right or wrong when it comes to your bedtime. The flex 2 will tell you how long and how well you have slept and allow you to set sleep goals and bedtime reminders so that you can form good sleeping habits.


+  Flex 2 can be worn in different ways
+  Flex 2 is water resistant
+  Flex 2 is very thin and light
+  Sleep tracking

~  No screen
~  Can’t tell the flex what activity you are going to do


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#2 Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity Tracker

Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity TrackerMoves your milestones

No longer do you have to keep setting your fitness goals. With the Garmin Vivofit 3 it will learn your current activity level then set goals for you to achieve. When you meet them it will adjust your goals for the next day so that you will continually be improving and striving for a healthier you.

Wear It 24/7! No need to take it off for a year!

There is no need to remove this band for a year, except to clean it. That is because it has a battery life of a year and it is water resistant so you can take it into the swimming pool and shower. It monitors your activity all through the day and how well you sleep at night so that it can give you a complete picture of your overall health.

Interchangeable accessory bands

No need to compromise on style when you need to look your best. There are lots of different bands for the Garmin Vivofit 3 so you can look your best and count you step every day.

Insights from Garmin Connect

The Garmin Vivofit 3 will automatically sync its data with Garmin connect so that it can give you the most up to date information on you fitness no matter what time you look at it. It will also give you hints and tips for how you can beat yesterdays activity level. It will also tell you if you aren’t going to meet your daily goals so that you can add in a little extra steps before it’s to late.


+  Water resistant
+  Tracks multiple activities
+  Long battery life
+  Keeps you on top of your goals
~  Slow to automatically register activity.
~  Doesn’t count stairs climbed.


Click Here To Learn More About The Garmin Vivofit 3



#3 Polar M400 GPS Watch

Polar M400 GPS WatchIntegrated GPS

With built-in GPS the Polar M400 watch will track your speed distance and altitude to give you the most accurate reading of your runs. It will also keep track of your personal best and tell you when you have set a new personal record.

24/7 activity

Keeping fit means staying active and you need something to keep a record of how active you are. The Polar M400 does just that by tracking your steps, calories and sleep time. It also will tell you when you are not moving much for long periods of time.

Running index

After every run the Polar M400 will give you a run index score. This is based on your heart rate and speed data. The speed data is collected by the built-in GPS however you will need the polar H7 sensor
or compatible heart rate monitor. (There are Polar M400 watch Plus H7 sensor Sets)

Finding out how well you are doing or how you could improve is always motivating to keep pushing forward and staying as healthy as possible.

Training Guidance

When you have the H7 sensor with the Polar M400 watch you get a fitness tracker that will help you stay in your target heart rate zone and train at the right intensity. This means that you can get more out of your workout, which means you get better faster.

+  Water-resistant to 100 ft
+  built-in GPS
+  24/7 activity tracking
~  Chest strap needed for heart rate monitoring
~  No route navigation


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#4 Garmin Forerunner 25 GPS Running Watch

Garmin Forerunner 25 GPS Running WatchTrack your Runs

With the Garmin forerunner 25 you can track all your running metrics like, distance, pace and heart rate ( if you use a compatible heart rate monitor) You can also track your personal records so that you can have a goal to aim for and improve upon.

All Day Tracking

Tracking your workouts is great but you also need to stay active between workouts. There is no point in doing a 10 mile run then sitting on the sofa all day. And the forerunner 25 can help by keeping track of your all day activity. It will keep count of your steps, distance and calories burned what ever you are doing. It will also tell you when you have been sitting down for too long.

Staying connected

In today fast pace world staying connected is always important so that you dont miss a call from a loved one. The forerunner 25 can be connected to a compatible smartphone so that it will give you text and call alerts.

Heart rate monitoring

getting the most out of our time is something we all want and you can do that with your workouts by monitoring your heart rate. Staying in your heart rate zone will allow you to push harder or slow down which ever one is needed. You can only use the heart rate monitoring feature if you have a compatible heart rate monitor.

+  Simple, easy-to-use features
+  All day activity tracking
+  Pair with Bluetooth smartphone
+  Long battery life
~  Need an extra device for heart rate monitoring


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#5 LifeTrak Zone C410 Watch

LifeTrak Zone C410 WatchAutomatically Track all Day Activities

The LifeTrak Zone C410 watch will keep track of your every day activities and you can see up to seven days of data on your wrist. That is steps taken, calories burned, and distance.


With the watch being water-resistant there is no need to take it off when you have a shower or bath or even when you do the dishes. This means that you will never forget to put it back on which could happen with some other watches that you need to charge.

Built in Heart rate monitor

The Zone C410 Watch has a built in heart rate monitor which you can use when ever you want. It doesn’t track you heart rate all the time it is up to you to press a button and it tell you your heart rate.

A Year’s Worth of life

The LifeTrak watch comes with a standard battery which will last up to a year. That means you never need to take it off. Unlike other fitness watches where you need to charge them you could forget to put it back on your wrist and lose a whole day worth of tracking.

+  always-on display
+  accurate tracking
+  built-in heart-rate monitor
+  one year of battery life
~  No alarm feature
~  Automatic sleep detection is easily fooled


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#6 Garmin Vivosmart Hr Activity Tracker

Garmin Vivosmart Hr Activity TrackerHeart rate on your wrist

The Garmin Vivosmart Hr measures your heart rate on your wrist. That means you don’t need any other device, strapped to you. It gives you freedom to workout without the hassle of a chest strap.

It monitors your heart rate 27/7 which will give you more accurate reading for calories burned and it quantifies your intensity level. So you can have a level to improve up on.

Activity Tracking With A Nudge

The Vivosmart Hr activity tracker will track your all day activity and give you the normal readings like steps, calories, distance, heart rate, floors climbed, Intensity Minutes and time of day.

But what it is also doing is learning your fitness level then giving you an achievable goal to reach. When you reach get there it will adjust your goal for the next day so that you are continuing to improve your fitness day by day. Moving the milestone goals each day will nudge you towards a healthier life.

Climbing the Steps

Lets face it walking up and down flights of steps is hard work you would much rather take the elevator because all steps are equal on a pedometer. Not on the Vivosmart Hr. It will give you the extra credit you deserve for climb though steps with its integrated barometric altimeter.

Stay Connected

Stay active and connected at the same time. If you connect your compatible smartphone to the Vivosmart it will tell you when you have a notification. It does this by gently vibrating and showing the information on its screen.

Activity Tracking
+  Wrist Heart Rate
+  Intensity Minutes
+  Floors Climbed
+  Smart notifications
~  Quite chunky design
The app is Complex


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#7 Polar Loop 2 Activity Tracker

Polar Loop 2 Activity TrackerSmart Calorie Information

The polar loop 2 activity tracker tells you how many calories you burn. No surprise there its an activity tracker but it does it by using your own data not a generic profile, but the information you provide it. Data like your weight, height, age, gender and then the intensity of the physical activity you’re doing.

Improving Your Fitness OR Burning Fat?

The Loop 2 has something call EnergyPointer, which is an easy to use heart rate feature that will tell you what the main effect of your training has been. It will tell you weather you were in fat burning mode or improving your fitness.

Gives Feedback

The Loop2 will show you how well you are doing through out the day and give you pratical advice to help you to achieve your goals.
It also gives you feedback on your day, week and monthly activity levels so that it can show you how your active choice has affected your life for the better.

Vibration alert

Sitting down is not healthy for us and most of us can admit that we do sit down for too long some days. Weather at work or at home watching the TV. The loop 2 will tell you when you have been sitting idle for 55 minutes so that you can get up and move about.

+  Personalised daily activity goal.
+  Motivating guidance to help you stay on track.
+  Measures your activity at five different intensity levels.
~  Fiddly getting the perfect fit
~  Some syncing issues


Click Here To Learn More About The Polar Loop 2 Activity Tracker



#8 FitBit Alta HR Fitness Wristband

FitBit Alta HR Fitness WristbandThe Essentials

The Fitbit Alta Hr comes with all the normal bells and whistles. It can track your steps, distance and calories burned. It has up to 7 Days worth of battery, a clock and you can see the interface by taping it. So that means that it is an all day and night tracker which will give you an overall picture of your health.

Heart Health Matters

If you are working your heart to hard it could be damaging to your health and at the same time if you aren’t working hard enough you don’t get the most out of your workouts. If you want to keep improving your fitness you need to monitor your heart rate.

The Alta HR fitness Wristband does just that. By monitoring your heart rate all day it can give you a more accurate reading when it comes to how many calories you are burning throughout the day. If you are working out it can give you heart rate zones to working in so that you get the most out of every workout.

Automatically Track Your Exercise

Fitbit has designed something called SmartTrack which the Alta Hr using to auto-detect your workout. That’s weather you are out for a run or using an elliptical trainer it will detect it, record it and then log it on the fitbit app.

Sleep Tracking with sleep stages

With the Alta Hr tracking your heart rate all the time it can tell how well you have slept through the night. It does this using your heart rate and will tell you how much time you spent in light, deep and REM sleep. This is useful to understand your sleeping pattern and adjust your rotinue so get better sleep.


+  Sleep stage tracking
+  Long Battery life
+  All day heart rate monitoring
~  No Connected GPS


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#9 Tomtom Multi Sport Gps Watch + Heart Rate Monitor

Tomtom Multi Sport Gps Watch + Heart Rate MonitorMusic Wrapped Around Your Wrist

With the Tomtom Multi sport watch you get 3GB worth of space your your music. That is a massive 500 song all on your wrist with out needing your phone or an MP3 player. That means you can set your playlist and get working out with any other hassle.

Heart Rate On Your Wrist

With a heart rate monitor on your wrist you can get an overall picture of how healthy you are. It will also give you new insights into your different activities each day and how they effect your heart rate.

Track Your Activity All Day

In today’s modern world every minute counts and it is the same when it comes to fitness. So you want to track every step you take weather its a walk or a jog it all adds up. Every minute will be record so you get a full picture of your every day activity level.

Train Smarter

When you are working out you want real time data so you can see how hard you are working. That is what the Tomtom Multi sport watch does so weather you need to dial it back a bit to get your heart rate under control or push forward to finish that extra mile strong you will have the data you need.

+  3 GB of music wrapped around your wrist
+  Measure your heart rate on your wrist
+  Modes such as Bike, Gym, Swim, Treadmill
+  Real-time information such as Speed, Pace, Time, Distance, Calories burned
~  strap is brittle and easily breaks
~  Bluetooth pairing with headphone is temperamental


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#10 Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness WatchGet active with All-Day Tracking

With the Fitbit blaze smart fitness watch you can track you all day fitness. Everything from steps, distance calories burned and active minutes. Automatically track you goals and use simplified heart rate zones to understand the impact your daily activities has on your heart.

Multi Sport Tracking and Connected GPS

With multi sport tracking you can track and reach your goal more easily. You can track a wide range of sports like running, biking, weight-lifting, treadmill running, elliptical, and workouts. You get real time stats and a summary at the end. If you connect the GPS up when you run you can also get speed, pace, distance and the a map of the route you took.

PurePulse Continuous Heart Rate

With Fitbit’s PurePulse technology you get to track your heart rate all day long. It doesn’t matter weather you are resting or running a marathon as long as you are wear the Fitbit blaze smart watch it will track you heart and give you insights into your overall health.

Sleep Better with Personalised Insights

Forming good sleeping habits is the cornerstone of a good nights sleep. With the Blaze smart watch you get to set sleep goals as well as bedtime reminders to form though good habits. It also automatically tracks your sleep at night and records how long you have been in light, deep and REM sleep. With this information you can adjust your night time routine so that you can always have a good night’s sleep.

+  All Day Tracking
+  Multi-sport tracking
+  Continuous wrist-based heart rate monitoring
+  Long battery life which lasts upto five days
+  GPS to map your routes and see run stats like pace and duration on display
~  Strap Breaks


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